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Crown Prints, the Official Newsletter for the Kingdom of Caid! 
(lists all upcoming Events and Contact information for local groups, guilds and Kingdom Regnum)

All Kingdom Newsletters are available to all current Sustaining and International members for your review. If you are new to the enewsletter site, please go to  to access. Your Membership Number is your User ID and the beginning password is the word start. We would advise you to change your password to one of your choosing upon entry.
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Anno Societatis LI 
(Year 51 of the SCA) 
(May 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017)

Upcoming Shire Meeting Dates and Kingdom Events

Arrow beside Agenda will change display to show only Shire or Kingdom. Keep in Agenda view to display complete details of events, otherwise the Monthly or Weekly view will cut short all of the event information. Contact the Al-Sahid Webwright to add birthdays, business meetings, A&S classes and workshops etc!


Al-Sahid Fighter Practices .Contact the Marshall for location/address/directions for Fighter Practice, Rapier, Thrown Weapons and Archery:

al-Sahid Archery: May begin again soon. Please contact TH Lady Jane for more information:

Nearby Practices:

Fighter Practice in Hemet (Gallavally) is held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  Col. Lewis Millett Park at 2001 Ramona Blvd, San Jacinto Ca. 
Website Link to Park:
June to Sept:
Begins at 9:00 AM. 
Oct to May:
Begins at 10:00 AM.

Fighter Practice in Riverside (Mons Draconis) Every Wednesday, 7:30pm, Andulka Park, 5201 Chicago Ave., Riverside, CA. at the intersection with Central where it comes down from Canyon Crest. Between the baseball fields and the Tennis courts, near the parking lot. It's about the middle of the park. 

Fighter Practice in Highland (Dreiburgen) Cancelled until further notice

al-Sahid Archery: May begin again soon. Please contact TH Lady Jane for more information:

Dreiburgen Archery Practice: 1st and 3rd Sundays (unless events conflict) at House Montrose (Pedley)
Setup at 10:00 am practice starts around 11:00 am. Park on 54th Street. 

For contact info see

Sundays (other then 1st & 3rd) at the home of Paganus and Rekon (Redlands) 40 yard range, Also available by appointment. Call ahead, as these practices will be cancelled for other event conflicts. Http:// 

Website News

Shire Calendar now visible on the top of this page. Includes Shire and Kingdom Events. Viewers can choose to display both or just the Shire or just Kingdom dates (see instructions above the calendar).

Highland War Website now has it's own domain. The URL is 

Shire Order of Precedence and Roll of Arms - where possible I have added the image of the Registered Devices of Shire Members. Please see the Shire's OP page for further information

Also on the Shire's Order of Precedence Page - You will find a link to listings of Shire Members on the Compendium Caidis (Caid Wiki). If you would like information added to your Caid Wiki page please contact the Shire's Webwright if you would like help. 


If you or someone you know has received an award, recognition or championship, please send the webwright the name, date, and what the award or special recognition was so we can celebrate their victories!

Highland War 2016 (TBA)

al-Sahid's Anniversary 2016 (TBA)

Highland War 2015

Unbelted THL Úlfr Grímsson 
Great Weapons Sir Halldórr Þórhallsson
Torchlight Sir Haraldr hlátrmildr

LC First Place Edmund Letterford
Champion - Drago Silvermoon

Holy Grail Championship - Baron Ryan of Rickford

Al-Sahid Archery Champion Mike of Starkafhn
Holy Grail Archery Youth - Corwin Dragonstaad
Holy Grail Adults - Paganus Grimlove
Holy Grail Youth - Evelyn of Dragonwatch

News from al-Sahid's Anniversary / CP Prize / Pentathlon 2015

Order of the Pelican: 

  • Amariah of Chufut-Kale
  • Fionnghuala de Buchanan

Order of the Dolphin: Clyde of House Straight Arrow

Order of the Duelist: Fritz der Gefolgsmann

The Noble Scorpion: Clyde of House Straight Arrow

TNT (Shire Award): 

  • Jane de Sealynn
  • Katayama Tarou Hiromoto

Pentathlon 2015:


Congratulations to the following Champions of al-Sahid  2015!

Armored combat Champion - Defender of the Arts, THL Adam MacAndrew

Congratulations to the following Champions of GallaSahid 2014!

Armored combat Champion - Sir Nicholas D’Angelo

Armored Combat Defender of the Children - Duke Edward Senestre

Rapier Champion - THL Rhua Cat Ifrinn

Rapier Defender of the Children - Sir Killian Mactaggart

Archery Champion - Marzena of al Sahid

Thrown Weapons Champion - Master Cormac Mór

Congratulations to the following Combatants at Highland War 2013

Torchlight Tourney was won by Uilliam Mor MacGregor
Newbie Knockabout was won by Alsander Bardon
Lioness Tournament was won by Arria Cara

Great weapons was won by Lohengrin

Youth Combat:
Ages 5-6: Kaitlyn
Ages 7-10: Heidi
Ages 11-14: Eira Snowfire

Also, Congratulations to the following Shire members recognized during Court for their Service to the Shire and Kingdom!

Order of the Pelican: Teka Turmanov

Award of Arms: Clyde of Straight Arrow

TNT (Shire Award): 

Clyde of Straight Arrow
Antonius Falconerius 
Richard from al-Sahid

Teka Turmanov, Welcomed into the Order of the Pelican at Highland War, 2013

Ragnar of Sandcastle, welcomed into Order of the Pelican at Fall Crown Tourney, August 17, 2013.

Christian de Guerre, welcomed into Order of the Pelican at Gyldenholt Anniversary, June 22, 2013.

To Sigurjon Haralsson!

He won the March to the Sea overall heavy combat fighting event at Naevehjem, March 19, 2011

To Arianna di Zanchi!

Caidian Arts and Sciences and Pentathlon 2011, March 13, 2011

  • 1st Place Apprentice, Fiber Arts: Costume Construction
  • 2nd Place Journeyman, Fiber Arts: Period Construction
  • 2nd Place Apprentice, Fiber Arts: Hats

Special Announcement

Recipes from our recent Coronation Feast 2010 will be available through Pinebox Traders as a Fund Raiser for Their Royal Majesties travel fund. Look for them at upcoming events!

The Coronation Feast was prepared by TH Blase di Angelo. The Menu can be found on the Coronation Event Page on the Compendium Caidis.


To Davi d'Orleans, newest member of the Order of Chivalry!



If you would like to attend our Meetings, Fighter Practices or A & S Nights, please make sure you go to the links provided in the left menu to access additional information, especially if you are interested in our Fighter Practices for specific dates.

For Persona Assistance, please go to our A&S Web page where you will find a link to Persona Studies: Shire of al-Sahid and other Ongoing and Upcoming A&S Projects and Classes!

Do you enjoy coming to our Wars? Would you like to join us but want to hear what others have to say about us? Check out our new Feedback Area on the Events page! Voice your praise or tell us how to make our events better!!!

The Shire of Al-Sahid is a local (Southern California) branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization for the study and re-enactment of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Our Shire's borders encompass the areas of Victorville, Apple Valley, Lucerne Valley, Barstow, Hesperia and a portion of the San Bernardino Mountains (Big Bear area) .

We welcome you to attend our meetings and our events. You needn't join the SCA, Inc, to attend and participate. The only requirement to come to an event is that you make some attempt at pre-1600 costume (also called 'garb') -- we have "loaner" garb for people who want to come to their first event. Each SCA participant remembers the day s/he started, and most people are happy to help out a newcomer. In fact our Chatelaine's sole duty is to help new members find their way into the SCA.

If you see something on the schedule that interests you or that you have a question about please feel free to contact us. We can also provide directions to the event site and any special information about the event.

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