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Media Policy Information | Media Release Forms

Due to Society-wide changes in Media Policies, we are now required to obtain Model Releases, Photographer Releases and Creative Works Releases (when applicable). Please refer to the Society Release Forms FAQS and the Society Release Forms Letter for more information. 

Please use the links below for the type of Release you need for the images you would like to submit to our Website or Newsletter. Once you have completed the form(s) you need, please send them as attachments to: 

Kingdom Deputy for Releases


Media Policy Information

Society Release Forms Letter

From the Society Publications Manager

Society Release Forms FAQs

Media Release Forms

Society Model Release (Print Only)

Form for subjects within a photograph to 

Society Model Release (Fillable Only)

Link goes to the SCA Website

Society Photographer Release (Print Only) Society Photographer Release (Fillably Only)
Society Creative Works Release (Fillable Only) Society Creative Works Release (Print Only)